Does Facial Laser Hair Removal near Mattoon Really Work?

A young man shaves in the bathroom before getting facial laser hair removal in Mattoon

Taming your facial hair, whether it be a beard, peach fuzz, or unruly eyebrows, could be a full time job. Let’s face it—waxing is painful (and can get pricey) and shaving is tedious and leaves you with dreaded itchy stubble just a few hours later. Thanks to hormones and genetics, our facial hair turns into thicker, darker, “terminal” hair once our follicles have matured during puberty. 

You may have heard of laser hair removal for the body, most popularly the legs and bikini area, but is that technology safe when it comes to your face? Boho Chic Clinique’s team has broken down how we use NEO technology for gentle yet effective facial laser hair removal near Mattoon.

How facial hair removal works

There’s a lot to consider when searching for a technician for your laser hair removal near Mattoon, but even more so when it comes to facial laser hair removal near Mattoon.

For facial areas, our technicians typically use the NEO device. Not only does this applicator allow us to target smaller, hard-to-reach places, but it also treats other concerns such as acne, spider veins, and rosacea! By targeting hair follicles at the root with heat energy, we inflict controlled damage to the follicle and prevent future growth. 

Is facial hair removal safe?

Yes! Facial laser hair removal near Mattoon is just as safe as any other area you would get laser hair removal—if not, more. Our clinic is thrilled to offer a range of technologies to suit every need and skin/hair type.

What areas can you get facial laser hair removal for?

The most common treatment areas for facial laser hair removal near Mattoon are the upper lip, chin, and eyebrows. We also offer ear hair removal in Effingham, using the more aggressive Harmony applicator to target inner and outer hair while avoiding removing crucial hairs from the canal that keep you protected. 

Keep in mind that everyone’s hair thickness, follicle size, and treatment area ranges, so therefore so does the total number of sessions you’ll need to lock in your hairless complexion. 

Come to Boho Chic Clinique for the best facial laser hair removal near Mattoon!

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