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If you feel like you’re starting to fall short on your New Year’s weight loss resolutions, you’re not alone. Only 9% of people stick to their resolution for the entire year, with nearly half beginning to fall out of their new healthy habits by February. We’re not here to give you grief—we understand that changing your routine and fitting daily workouts and meal prep into your schedule is challenging (not to mention genetic predispositions to obesity).

With spring break just around the corner, who doesn’t want to feel confident in a bikini on the trip they’ve been looking forward to for months? There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to distinguishing fact from fiction in the weight loss world, so allow us to guide you! Restrictive diets and excessive exercise aren’t the only way. Boho Chic Clinique’s team has broken down how our science-backed Boho Boost weight loss injections in Effingham work.

Understanding what’s holding you back from your goals

Your body is built to store fat. While this may sound like a negative thing, it’s actually a trait humans have developed over centuries to survive when food is scarce. Contrary to popular belief, not all fat is bad! Fat helps your body properly absorb the nutrients it needs to convert to energy.

In order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. With the average recommended calorie intake being 2,000-2,5000 per day, this equals out to about 2.5 hours of running. Making time for nearly 3 hours a day is hard enough, as consistency is key to results, but how do you know what kind of workout you should do? Yoga? Swimming? Weight lifting? Finding a form of exercise that pushes you (but you also don’t find it unbearable) can be hard. This also depends on your goals, as someone looking to gain muscle wouldn’t benefit from excessive cardio and lean eating.

Genetics also play a significant role in your weight and your ability to lose it. Beyond kicking unhealthy habits you’ve grown up with, there’s also a proven inheritance of obesity genes. Underlying health concerns like diabetes and hormonal shifts during pregnancy or menopause can make a routine that’s always worked for you become less effective. No matter which of these obstacles are roadblocking your dream body, our medically-supervised weight loss injections in Effingham can help!

What the Boho Boost medical weight loss program is

Going from daily takeout to vegan meal prepping or never exercising to hitting the gym every day isn’t sustainable. To avoid this burnout (that most of us know all too well), we’ve designed a physician-guided weight loss program to enhance your current lifestyle rather than throw it out all together. 

The Boho Boost program consists of weekly weight loss injections in Effingham, each personalized by our board-certified surgeon and medical director, Dr. Jason McAllaster. We’ve spent a decade perfecting this 3-month program to ensure you achieve real results safely. Rather than attempting to cut out all carbs or change your willpower, our focus is on resetting your metabolism by altering your biology. 

How our weight loss injections in Effingham work


There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to achieving your physique goals, as everyone’s current health, schedule, and goals are unique. Our formula for weight loss injections in Effingham includes semaglutide: an appetite suppressant that addresses insulin sensitivity and slowed gut motility. This metabolic medication has transformed the way doctors help patients achieve their goal weight since it was proven to aid long-term weight loss by the FDA.

Our semaglutide weight loss injections in Effingham are completely safe and we monitor your reactions and progress every step of the way. In a study among nearly 2,000 adults, those who received weekly semagulite injections lost an average of 14.9% of their body weight while those with placebo only lost about 2%. The most common side effects are mild nausea and fatigue, and if you experience these symptoms we can adjust your plan accordingly.

This prescription medication can be administered by our physician in the office or we can provide it for you to inject yourself at home if you prefer. These weekly weight loss injections in Effingham help patients lose an average of 1 to 2 pounds per week and can last however long it takes you to reach your personal goals! We typically recommend starting out with a 4 or 12 week program. If you choose to discontinue treatment, you’ll continue to benefit from your boosted appetite levels and recently implemented lifestyle habits!

What you’re probably asking yourself now is if you have to exercise or diet during treatment; simple answer: no! While sticking to a balanced routine can expedite your results from weight loss injections in Effingham, you don’t have to (though we’d be thrilled to cheer you on). 

The importance of coming to a doctor for weight loss injections in Effingham

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding losing weight. While quick fixes like juice cleanses may offer temporary weight loss, the effects aren’t long term and it’s not ideal for your body. Sticking to a purely juice diet removes any bacteria from your gut, including good bacteria which can result in severe dehydration and bowel issues. There’s a variety of weight loss injections in Effingham to choose from, so meeting with a professional to discuss the benefits of each to your lifestyle is crucial.

When you begin your search for weight loss injections in Effingham, remember to look for a certified physician to ensure your safety and results. Beyond monitoring your progress, your doctor will also be able to personalize your treatment plan and adjust it as needed to maintain your new physique. While our Boho Boost program typically starts as a 3-month treatment, we can continue injections as long as you desire so you can keep shedding the pounds! 

While we encourage Boho Boost patients to stick to a reduced-calorie diet and increase their level of physical activity, this is not required. You are in complete control of managing your day-to-day, and we’re all for the occasional cheat day! Our weight loss specialists understand that highly restrictive diets aren’t the best route, so rather we encourage you to find a balanced diet. This includes 3 meals a day: each packed with vegetables and proteins with sugars and carbohydrates sprinkled throughout. That’s right, your body needs some sugar and carbs to thrive too! Carbohydrates provide glucose, which your body needs to convert to energy and allow you to complete your workout.

Combining treatments to optimize your health from head to toe

Boho Chic Clinique is dedicated to providing complete care, and we offer all of the tools you need to look and feel your best in one convenient location! Our weight loss specialists understand that unexpected hurdles can arise during your journey, so we offer a range of additional treatments to get you back on track (while optimizing your overall health) when needed. 

Our doctor may order bloodwork to ensure your healthy progress from weight loss injections in Effingham. When reviewing your labs, we may find signs of a hormonal imbalance which can hinder your weight loss. In this case, our hormone replacement therapy in Effingham can help! By regulating your estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, or growth hormone levels, your body can function at its best. Beyond aiding weight loss, HRT can also address symptoms ranging from hair loss to mood swings.

If you’re experiencing a lack of energy during your Boho Boost treatment plan, we also offer personalized IV therapy near Mattoon for quick relief. We formulate concern-specific IV infusions to hydrate your body in a matter of minutes! Our specialized IVs can also help you mitigate cold symptoms, avoid injury, and recover from a night out. 

Come to Boho Chic Clinique to simplify weight loss

There’s zero shame in needing a helping hand! Our team of weight loss specialists are here to help you reach your unique goals through science-backed technology, ensuring your safety every step of the way. Don’t settle for less than you deserve—exceptional care. Our providers offer a range of treatments to ensure complete care in one convenient and welcoming office. You can check out some of our work on our results gallery or by browsing our online reviews (where we have 5 stars!). 

Never hesitate to contact us at any point in your treatment plan with weight loss injections in Effingham, as we’re here to make the process simple. We always recommend that you begin with scheduling a free consultation so we can get to know you and your wellness goals to tailor your care accordingly. We’re not here to speak over your head, rather we prefer to involve you in the conversation because you know your body and habits better than we do!If you’re looking for immediate guidance, you can also try our hassle-free virtual consultation tool. Remember to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know about our latest specials, new treatments, tips, and more!