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Myers Cocktail IV Infusion in Effingham

A Perfect IV Add-On To Support Your Health


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One of the best parts of any wellness IV treatment is the ability to boost the treatment even further with an add on. Our favorite add-on treatment is the Myers Cocktail IV in Effingham at Boho Chic Clinique. This wellness booster is designed to help alleviate stress, improve immunity, and restore overall balance to help your feel your best.

Boho’s IV Nutrient Infusion Formulas are used to deliver vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, offering superior absorption over oral supplements. We’ve designed several formulas to address a variety of issues. With nutritional ingredients like vitamin B complex, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B12, and glutathione, a Myers Cocktail is the perfect combination of health-boosting nutrients.

The Procedure


Myers Cocktail IV Infusion Can Help:

Mood balance
Metabolism function
Immune system
Poor sleep
Cell repair
Strength and endurance

Treatment Length

Up to 2 hours


Male & Female
13 years or older

Why Try a Myers Cocktail IV Infusion in Effingham?


Immediate Relief

Our patients love the immediate effects of the Myers Cocktail. Many leave their appointment feeling more energetic and relaxed.


No Downtime

After your IV treatment session, there is no recovery period necessary!


Supports Health

A Myers Cocktail IV can support your health with added vitamins and nutrients you may be missing.

The Myers Cocktail IV Infusion Process.

What to Expect?


Before your Myers Cocktail IV in Effingham at Boho Chic Clinique, you can choose to meet with a provider for a consultation. We'll listen to your goals and expectations with this treatment, answer questions, and establish realistic outcomes to determine the best fit for you.

Myers Cocktail IV Treatment.

After we gently insert the IV, you'll relax in a treatment chair. You can read, watch TV, or simply relax while the treatment takes place.


Most patients feel the effects immediately after this add-on treatment. You may feel more energized as your body continues to absorb the benefits of this IV.

It’s important to review all instructions from your consultation before your appointment for a Myers Cocktail IV in Effingham.

Your Boho Chic Clinique provider review any of your individual health concerns and explain instructions in detail during your consultation. We ask that you wear appropriate clothing for easy arm access and comfort throughout your treatment.

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To get the most from your Myers Cocktail IV in Effingham, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Keep your arm elevated and apply an ice pack if bruising or swelling occurs at the injection site.
  • Drink 1 to 2 16 oz. glasses of water after treatment.
  • Allow your body rest if you feel tired.


Add-Ons for additional relief:

Zofran for Nausea

Vitamin B12 for Energy

Toradol for Pain & Swelling


Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is the IV treatment painful?

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