Meet EMFACE: The First Nonsurgical Facelift in Effingham Without Needles

close up of mature woman touching her face after a nonsurgical facelift in Effingham

Let’s face it, nobody wants wrinkles or sagging skin, especially on their face. While your collagen production’s decline is only natural with age, it can knock your confidence when your features become veiled and less defined. Hence why so many men and women above 40 seek surgical facelifts; but what if you’re not ready for surgery?

A facelift is an invasive procedure that consists of surgically removing excess skin and pulling it tighter around your hairline and ears, so it’s no surprise that the recovery isn’t so easy. Many patients turn to what we call a “liquid facelift” using neurotoxin injectables. However, this treatment still requires needles and isn’t a long-term solution on its own. Meet EMFACE: the revolutionary nonsurgical facelift in Effingham that induces natural restoration through RF patches! Here’s everything you need to know about the EMFACE device from the skin experts at Boho Chic Clinique.

The causes of facial skin laxity

If you have a favorite sweater, you’ve probably noticed how its knitting becomes looser with every wear. So does your skin! Every year, your skin decreases its collagen production by 1 to 1.5%, making it more difficult for your skin to return to its relaxed position and hold hydration (causing wrinkles and sagging).

What is EMFACE?

For those who aren’t a fan of surgery or needles, EMFACE offers real results with none of the pain or downtime! As the first device of its kind, EMFACE uses patches that directly deliver radiofrequency waves into the skin and muscle. By going beyond the dermis (the superficial layer of skin), this stimulates muscle contractions and tones your facial structure naturally.

So, how do our aestheticians use EMFACE to perform a nonsurgical facelift in Effingham? We apply these patches to your problem areas (including the forehead and jawline) as RF energy kickstarts your collagen production, lifting and tightening your skin. This treatment series requires 4-6 20-minute sessions, which studies find will reduce wrinkles by 37%, lift by 23%, and increase muscle tone by 30%!

Come to Boho Chic Clinique for the premier nonsurgical facelift in Effingham!

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Our clinic also offers Emsculpt in Mattoon, Illinois and the surrounding areas, so you can achieve your dream physique with body sculpting in Charleston and beyond. Schedule your visit for a nonsurgical facelift in Effingham or try our convenient virtual consultation tool to kickstart your self-love journey!