An Expert Guide to Slimming Down With Advanced Body Sculpting in Charleston

male athletic on a walk after getting body sculpting in Charleston

Fifty-five percent of adults want to lose weight, but the time restraints, genetic dispositions, and complete lifestyle changes required can make that goal seem out of reach. With the start of the new year, many of us are trying to stick to our resolutions to hit the gym on a regular basis. Unfortunately, but understandably, nearly 80% of us abandon those goals after a few months. Even those who do stick to a healthy routine struggle to target their problem areas, whether they be “love handles” or the “pooch”.

When it comes to finding the best body contouring solution for your budget, timeline, and goals, how do you decide? From CoolSculpting to medical weight loss programs, the options seem endless. When it comes to something as important as your body, you deserve the best! Here’s why you should consider Emsculpt NEO for your body sculpting in Charleston from Boho Chic Clinique’s specialists.

Target unwanted fat & tone simultaneously

Unlike Coolsculpting and other options for body sculpting in Charleston, Emsculpt tones your muscles too! Sure, shedding some pounds is great but who doesn’t want a more sculpted physique as well? This one-of-a-kind device stimulates muscle contractions and lipolysis fat reduction (equivalent to 20,000 exercise reps per session!). Plus, this means there’s minimal risk as we’re simply mimicking a workout rather than injecting any kind of chemicals or making incisions.

Achieve lasting results with no downtime

While you could opt for invasive procedures like liposuction to surgically remove fat, you’ll be left with lengthy and painful recovery time and scars. Hence why body sculpting in Charleston is on the rise! By harnessing high intensity electromagnetic energy to stimulate natural muscle contractions, there’s no need to worry about taking off work to recover. You can return to your usual activities right after treatment and results can last a lifetime with proper maintenance!

Visit Boho Chic Clinique to achieve your body goals with the leading body sculpting in Charleston!

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