Combat Loose Skin With Emface, One of Our Exciting Botox Alternatives

A woman receives an Emface treatment, one of our Botox alternatives

Loose skin is an unsavory result of aging. As we go through life, the Earth’s gravity naturally wears down our skin, causing our skin to sag and droop. Elastin and collagen production also decrease as we get older. This can lead to certain skin conditions, like wrinkles, that we associate with aging.

But thanks to modern aesthetic technology, we have the power to reverse the physical effects of aging and leave you looking younger than you have in years. You don’t have to settle for loose, aging skin.

At Boho Chic Clinique, our priority is the happiness and satisfaction of the customer. So if you’re looking for Botox alternatives, allow us to make some recommendations for skin rejuvenation treatments that might work for you.

Botox Alternatives

Botox is everywhere. Millions of people all over the world have tried the revolutionary skincare treatment, and we’re big fans of Botox ourselves.

But it’s possible that you’re looking for something a little different. Maybe you’re not a fan of injectables, so you’re looking for a needle-free alternative.

You could be surprised to learn that our clinic does offer a needle-free skin rejuvenation treatment called Emface. It may not require any injections, but we think that you’ll be impressed with the results all the same.


Emface is one of our premium Botox alternatives that will allow you to get fuller, tighter skin faster. We can achieve a youthful look through Emface’s toning technology.

The Emface pads work on two levels, treating the skin and toning the muscles for a more pronounced facial structure. The treatment is noninvasive and comfortable, and as surprising as it may be, the entire procedure only takes around 20 minutes.

The Emface Process

We suggest that you stay hydrated in the days leading up to your Emface treatment.

Dry skin can impede the effectiveness of the procedure. And although lotion and ointments can help hydrate your skin, you shouldn’t have any products on your face on the day of the procedure. Clean, hydrated skin is the best way to ensure that your Emface treatment goes smoothly.

A practitioner explains Emface, one of Boho's Botox alternatives

During the treatment itself, you will notice some heat coming from the pads, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If you find it to be too warm, just let us know, and we can adjust the temperature accordingly.

Once the treatment is complete, you can go about your day as normal. We won’t have to keep you for any lengthy recovery periods.

We will, however, leave you with aftercare instructions. We always suggest that you do your best to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine so your muscles can remain toned and healthy. Many people begin to see results 4 to 6 weeks following the procedure!

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Emface is one of our most exciting Botox alternatives. It’s a fast, comfortable procedure that will allow you to feel better in your own skin. To get a head start on your Emface treatment, consider a virtual consultation.

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