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We now offer MicroGLOW Stamping to help you eliminate fine lines, dullness, large pores and MORE!

What is MicroGLOW Stamping?

Using a non-powered stamping device with medical-grade needles, we gently tap the surface of the skin, while the patient’s customized solution is infused into the dermis. This creates microscopic “wounds” to the skin, which stimulates your body’s collagen production and natural regenerative response. This process promotes new skin growth, which evens your skin tone, improves texture, and tightens, all at the same time.

Now if the needles have you worried, don’t be! MicroGLOW Stamping is very safe. Prior to the treatment a topical numbing agent is applied, keeping you comfortable throughout the treatment.

You can also add Botox to your customized solution for extra tightening and a super dewy GLOW!

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