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Immunity IV Infusion in Effingham

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Getting sick can disrupt your routine greatly, and recovering quickly is not always easy. Your body’s ability to protect you against illness is all thanks to your immune system. A strong immune system is integral to your health, and it’s important to help it function to the best of its ability. Boho’s IV Nutrient Infusion Formulas are used to deliver vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, offering superior absorption over oral supplements. We’ve designed several formulas to address a variety of issues.

Fight illness before it starts by strengthening your immune system can help you avoid a pesky cold or other seasonal concerns. Immunity IV Infusion in Effingham from Boho Chic Clinique has vitamins, nutrients, and other ingredients to boost your body’s ability to ward off sickness and keep you moving.

The Procedure


What it Treats

Vitamin levels, like vitamin C and B12
Toxin buildup
Aches and pains

Procedure Time

Up to 2 hours


Male & Female
13 years or older

Why try Immunity IV Infusion in Effingham?


Sickness Prevention

Along with other lifestyle choices to help keep you from getting sick, Immunity IV Infusions can be another barrier for germs and illnesses.


No Downtime

After your IV treatment session, there is no recovery period needed!


Immune System Optimization

Immunity IV Infusions give your immune system added support to help keep you healthy.

The Immunity IV Infusion Process.

What to Expect?


Before your treatment with Immunity IV Infusion in Effingham at Boho Chic Clinique, you may choose to meet with a provider for a one-on-one consultation. We'll discuss your goals with this treatment so we can establish realistic expectations and ensure this is the best service for your needs.

Immunity IV Infusion Treatment.

For your Immunity IV Infusion, we will carefully insert the IV into your arm while you're in a comfortable treatment chair. To pass the time as the IV product is delivered, you can read, watch TV, or just relax.


Many of our patients feel the effects immediately after their treatment. You may feel a bit more energized throughout your day, and your immune system will quickly absorb the IV nutrients.

It’s important to follow all instructions from your consultation before your appointment for an Immunity IV Infusion in Effingham.

We will review your personal health concerns and explain detailed preparation instructions during your initial consultation. Be sure to review any instructions before your appointment. For easy arm access and comfort, please wear appropriate clothing.

A nurse administers IV therapy near Effingham

To get the most from your Immunity IV Infusion in Effingham, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Keep your arm elevated and apply an ice pack if bruising or swelling occurs at the injection site.
  • Drink 1 to 2 16 oz. glasses of water after treatment.
  • Allow your body rest if you feel tired.


Add-Ons for additional relief:
Zofran for Nausea

Vitamin B12 for Energy

Toradol for Pain & Swelling

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