Is Medical Grade Skincare Near St. Louis Worth the Investment This Summer?

Medical grade skincare near St. Louis (and well, anywhere) is an investment. Making a “good” investment means maximizing your ROI: your return on investment. 


So, is professional skincare really worth the hype? Boho Chic Clinique’s specialists have outlined exactly why this simple routine upgrade makes a world of difference. 

The difference between drugstore and professional skincare

Not seeing results from your go-to products you pick up during your grocery trips? Unfortunately, drugstore skincare products weren’t created by skin experts. This means that most formulas don’t have as effective or potent ingredients targeted towards your specific concern. 


Rather than guessing, working with specialists to build your new routine also grants you continuous guidance. Our wide selection of medical grade skincare near St. Louis has something for everyone!

What is a mineral sunscreen? 

SPF not only reduces your chances of developing skin cancer, but also reduces premature wrinkles by nearly 25%. The benefits of daily sunscreen application are undeniable, but what kind of sunscreen should you use?


Most spray-on formulas you find in the drugstore are known as “chemical” sunscreens. These bottles contain chemicals that can absorb into your bloodstream, affecting your hormone levels and even putting developing pregnancies at risk. Beyond the physical dangers, these chemicals can also be toxic to aquatic ecosystems


A mineral, or “physical”, sunscreen formula doesn’t contain these harmful chemicals. Plus, they completely reflect UV rays, offering better protection, too!


When shopping for medical grade skincare near St. Louis, don’t hesitate to ask our team about which mineral sunscreen formulas we recommend based on your skin type!

Ready to make the switch? Visit Boho Chic Clinique!

It’s never too early or too late to invest in your skin’s health. Our skin specialists are dedicated to helping you achieve the complexion of your dreams, both now and years down the line! We’re here to help you optimize your routine on your terms, seamlessly transitioning to medical grade skincare near St. Louis, so you can finally see results. 


Contact us today to schedule your appointment, where we’ll get to know you, your goals, and your budget, so we can tailor your regimen to you! 


We’re also proud to offer a range of wellness treatments, such as Emsculpt NEO and Emsella near Edwardsville, to help you achieve the physique you’ve always wanted. Get in touch with our sexual health specialist near Terre Haute or try our virtual consultation tool to get started.