The Science of Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements have had a significant rise in the supplement market, and we at Boho Chic have hopped on the train! We see the effects of collagen every single day, and we wanted to offer it to our amazing clients. So we are thrilled to offer a new kind of collagen supplement that has had great results when it comes to bags under eyes and droopy eyelids!

First, the Science

For years, collagen has been obtained through either the scales and skin of fish, called marine collagen, or the skin of cows, called bovine collagen. While these have been effective ways of getting collagen for supplements, we have obtained a new form. This new form comes from the membrane of an eggshell. 

An Egg-cellent Supplement

The supplement we offer is special in that it is formulated with the membrane of an eggshell, which is the layer between the hard eggshell we see on the outside and the egg white inside. 

The membranes in eggs are rich in collagen, separating the shell from the egg white and yolk and essentially working as a defense to protect the egg from bacteria. So while we typically never think of eggshell membranes since they appear thin and delicate, they are actually strong and resilient! This make-up of the membrane makes it amazing for putting on our skin and face because those same impactful nutrients that protect an egg will also benefit our skin. 

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