A Men’s Laser Guide: Back and Ear Hair Removal in Effingham

A mature man with glasses smiles after getting ear hair removal in Effingham

Thinner “vellus” hair, also known as peach fuzz, grows in some areas, and thicker “terminal” hairs cover larger areas like our heads and eyebrows. While women’s body hair is about 30% terminal, men’s is 90%

Boho Chic Clinique’s team of laser hair removal experts understand that everyone has different goals in mind when it comes to removing certain areas of hair—so we offer individualized treatment plans no matter the treatment area, including for facial laser hair removal near Mattoon. Here’s a look at the top 2 areas men are looking to cut down on (literally), including back and ear hair removal in Effingham.

Ear hair removal in Effingham

While almost everybody has a thin layer of peach fuzz surrounding their ears, which works to regulate our body temperature, men experience more terminal hair in the area due to higher testosterone levels. Shaving this area is near impossible—hence why so many men seek out professional ear hair removal in Effingham.

Our experts use Harmony laser technology to remove hair around and in the ear without inflicting damage to the ear canal. This device allows us to get an in-depth scan of the area and target tiny curvatures while maintaining inner-canal hair that protects germs and bacteria from entering.

Back hair removal in Effingham

A Harvard study found that 25% of men have back hair, and another study found that 24% of men groom their back hair multiple times a week

The “out of sight, out of mind” concept doesn’t always work, and here’s a perfect example. Shaving your own back is also near impossible, and not everyone feels comfortable phoning a friend for such an intimate favor. Our technicians use the same established laser technology for the back that we do for other large areas, such as the legs, to target follicles of any type at the root. Plus, you can avoid the dreaded wet feeling when your back sweats!

Ready to take full control of your hair? Come to Boho Chic for unmatched laser hair removal. 

Whether you’re looking to fully rid yourself of facial hair or just want to touch up your brows, we’ve got you covered! Our specialists offer laser hair removal near Mattoon for practically anywhere on the face and body, using the best technologies on the market to provide lasting results. 

Contact us today to kickstart your personalized treatment plan and show off your smooth skin all year round! Not sure if back or ear hair removal in Effingham is right for you? Schedule your appointment for a complimentary consultation to gain access to expert guidance, or try our virtual consultation tool for immediate assistance.