How to Prevent Sun Damage

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Sun damage seems inevitable. After all, no one can avoid sunlight forever, and although there are many benefits to sunlight, prolonged exposure can lead to photoaging, or premature aging, in the skin. And though we at Boho Chic Clinique offer many different sun damage treatments, there are ways to prevent the damage in the first place.

We care about skin health, and prolonged sun exposure is an exceedingly common way to damage your skin. Dry and photoaged skin can be a real blow to your self-confidence, so you may be wondering how to prevent sun damage. We have a few tips, and we hope you’ll consider them next time you go out into the sun.

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The Sun’s Harmful Rays

Before we explain how to prevent sun damage, it might be beneficial to learn how the sun damages your skin in the first place. The sun produces UV rays, and these can be very harmful to your skin. They damage the skin at the deepest levels—UV rays can actually destroy your cells themselves.

After your pigment cells are destroyed, you may see numerous symptoms, including discoloration and unwanted spots. These effects can lend an aged appearance to your skin, causing you to potentially appear years older than you are. You can prevent this by reducing your UV exposure.

Shield Yourself From UV Rays

Avoiding the sun’s rays may seem like a difficult task, but by remaining diligent, you can help your skin remain smooth and youthful. We’ve organized a list of some things to keep in mind while you’re out in the sun.

1. Make Sunscreen a Daily Habit

Most people only wear sunscreen when they’re out by the pool or spending a day on the lake. But you shouldn’t reserve sunscreen for summer activities. You should pack a small bottle of sunscreen wherever you go. Whether you keep it in your purse or your glove box, a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen is always an asset.

2. Remember That You’re Always in the Sun

Rule number one: regardless of how it may appear, the sun is always shining in the day. Many people think that just because it’s a cloudy day, they’re safe from sun exposure, but this is not true. Even on gray, gloomy days, you should consider applying a layer of sunscreen just in case. You don’t want to burn because you weren’t careful.

3. Dress for the Sun

As you’re preparing today’s outfit, consider how you can protect yourself from the sun. One easy way is with a wide-brimmed hat. Find a hat you like to wear for multiple occasions. This way, you can be stylish and protected at the same time. And on colder days, long sleeves and pants will also shield your extremities from UV rays.

4. Experiment With Brands

You may not find your perfect sunscreen after your first purchase. But that’s okay—there are countless options when it comes to picking a sunscreen that will work with your skin. Don’t be afraid to try multiple brands, and once you find one that works to shield your skin, apply consistently.

Reverse Sun Damage

We hope you take some time each day and consider how to prevent sun damage. But if you slip up, we have lots of options to help reverse the sun’s effects. We want to offer treatments that will help you cultivate smoother and healthier skin.

Looking for advice on which treatments to choose? We have our own virtual consultation tool that will allow you to answer questions about your skin’s features. With this information, we’ll work to develop a plan that can heal sun-damaged skin. Talk to us today.

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