Treat Sun Damage With IPL in Effingham

A woman is consulted for IPL in Effingham

A little time out in the sun can be a great way to boost your mood. But too much time in the sunlight can easily cause you (and your skin) some serious problems. It’s unrealistic and unhealthy to suggest you should avoid the sun completely, but that doesn’t mean that your skin has to suffer in the process.

Short for Intense Pulsed Light, IPL in Effingham is an excellent treatment for sun-damaged skin. At Boho Chic Clinique, we specialize in skin repair; and because we know that everyone’s skin is different, we strive to offer our customers a variety of options.

But before we dive into our skin treatment plans, we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Meet Your Skincare Specialists

The Boho Chic Clinique is a top-tier medical spa located in Effingham, IL. When we were just getting started, it was important to us that Boho Chic was at once a rejuvenating health spa and a leader in aesthetics technology.

We knew we couldn’t prioritize one over the other; we wanted to place equal emphasis on creating a relaxing experience for our patients and providing high-quality treatments. So, we took our time and found a perfect balance between medical facility and health spa.

You can relax with the assurance you’re being treated with state-of-the-art technology, like IPL in Effingham.

The People Behind Boho

Our founder, Tara McAllaster, recognized a need in the Effingham area. She saw that people needed aesthetic treatment, but they didn’t have a place to relax while receiving said treatment.

Aesthetics work is still somewhat stigmatized, and many look down on the idea of having work done. But we believe that aesthetics work is a great way to keep yourself happy and confident. So, Tara built a team of medical professionals who know the value in high-quality aesthetics work.

We want to meet with you so we can discuss how to enhance your features and address any of your cosmetic concerns. There’s no shame in taking the necessary steps toward the body you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re worried about wrinkles, spots, or discoloration, we offer all kinds of treatments that can help rejuvenate your skin.

The Sun’s Effect on Skin

The Benefits of Sunlight

Our relationship with the sun is a little complicated. We need the sun, so it isn’t a good idea to avoid it altogether. Without the sun, our body would struggle to produce the necessary vitamin D we need to stay healthy. Vitamin D has lots of benefits; it helps keep our bones strong, and some research has even linked low vitamin D levels to a higher risk of bone cancer.

The Drawbacks of Sunlight

But of course, too much sun exposure can also lead to a number of health concerns, namely skin cancer. Sunlight can also damage our skin. It can cause our skin to age prematurely, leaving us with spots, discoloration, and saggy, loose skin.

So, why does the sun harm our skin? The sun’s UV rays can attack our cells and damage our skin at the dermis, the skin’s deepest layer. UV rays harm our skin cells, destroying them. This process is called “photoaging,” which is appropriate because it mimics the physical appearance of the aging process. Sun-damaged skin can easily be mistaken for aged skin. 

You can prevent sun damage with diligent skincare, but many of us are already suffering from the sun’s effects. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to reverse the damage. For many, clear skin is a huge confidence boost, which is why our IPL treatments are designed to help your skin look younger and healthier.

Why We Offer IPL

IPL in Effingham could be a solution for your sun-damaged skin. IPL is a light treatment designed to reverse the sun’s photoaging effects. But what is IPL? And how does a light—of all things—reverse skin damage?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it is designed to address skin damage at the surface. It works by sending light down to the pigment cells. Those cells transform the light into heat, and that heat destroys the pigment. This can reduce discoloration and remove unwanted spots. 

Discoloration is one of the primary ways photoaging occurs. Aged skin can appear less clear than younger, healthier skin. Aged skin will have spots, and its coloration will be less uniform. IPL allows the skin to appear clearer and more homogenous. 

The treatment is designed to be efficient and convenient. When successful, the procedure is very quick, and it’s also relatively painless. 

How It Works

There are many different IPL machines, and we wanted to do our due diligence to find one that would be equally beneficial for our patients and our team.

We perform IPL in Effingham with IPL Harmony by Alma DYE-VL, and we’re very happy with Alma’s technology. The Harmony is an easy-to-use device that can perform many different treatments for many different skin types.

But for our purposes, the DYE-VL is a slick and convenient applicator that allows for simpler treatment strategies. Aesthetics technology has allowed us to make even the most in-depth procedures uncomplicated. Our technicians are well trained in IPL technology, and the DYE-VL allows us to treat your skin in a safe and expeditious manner.

Treatment Options

We love the IPL Harmony, and we truly think it offers the most effective IPL treatment in Effingham. However, there’s more you can do to see the best possible results.

A Combination of Treatments

We highly recommend that you pair IPL in Effingham with another skin treatment. IPL is fantastic, and it works well to treat the top layer of skin. But light can struggle to address deeper flaws. As a result, we think it’s a good idea to schedule a different, second treatment to address any additional imperfections.

By combining 2 or more treatments, we can treat skin damage at multiple layers. You can use nitrogen plasma to address imperfections on a superficial level. You can also schedule a laser treatment to treat the deepest layer of the skin. These are not required treatments, but they could help you see substantial changes sooner.

We have lots of different sun damage treatment options. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to our treatments, so having multiple options is a great way to ensure all of our patients have a chance to treat their sun damage. We’ll work with you to customize a skin treatment plan that can help you see apparent changes in your skin’s appearance.

Rinse and Repeat

Another way to ensure that your skin is taken care of is through multiple IPL treatments. When it comes to aesthetic care, you’ll rarely find that your issues are resolved after a single procedure. 

Now, it’s possible you’ll be happy with the results of a single IPL treatment, but you could also see better results with 3 or 4 treatments. Because of this, we actually sell our IPL Harmony treatments in bundles of 3, with a 4th treatment included for no additional fee. 

We want you to experience the best possible results, and multiple IPL treatments could be a great way for you to see healthier-looking skin faster.

Healthy Skin Matters

Most of us will agree that healthier skin looks great, but what are the medical benefits of stronger skin? Skin care has lots of practical benefits. In many ways, skin is the first line of defense against sickness. It prevents bacteria from invading our bodies, and it protects us from more severe damage at the hands of the sun’s UV rays.

Taking care of your skin means taking care of yourself.

The IPL Procedure

IPL in Effingham is designed to be easy and painless. The IPL procedure works through small, subtle changes. On the day of the procedure, we’ll walk you through the process then lead you into the treatment room.

We’ll use the DYE-VL to treat your sun damage. The application is designed to address imperfections in your pigmentation. This can remove spots and discoloration. A successful IPL procedure will leave your skin looking clearer with a more uniform color and tone.

The treatment is relatively short, and many of our patients find the experience very relaxing. During your IPL treatment, you can sit back, relax, and in a few minutes, you’ll be on the road to smoother skin. Once we’re all finished, we think you may be surprised at just how simple the entire process was.

After Your Treatment

Once your treatment is complete, we want you to continue your day as usual. We will have a short debrief following the procedure, where we’ll give you some advice on the best way to care for your skin. The benefits of the IPL treatment can last months, and over that time you may notice cleaner, smoother, and brighter skin.

Two women discuss skin care options following IPL in Effingham

From that point, you can choose to schedule another treatment, or you can wait to see the lasting effects of IPL in Effingham. Either way, we’ll continue to be a resource for any questions or concerns you may have.

It’s important to us that you understand and experience the benefits of healthy skin. By building relationships with each and every one of our patients, we strive to make that happen. 

Reach Out to Us

We would love to hear from you. We work at Boho Chic because we genuinely enjoy helping our patients. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in a single IPL treatment or a combination of multiple procedures; we can help you decide what may be the most beneficial option to reverse photoaging.

Looking for more information about our treatment options? Want to schedule an appointment for IPL in Effingham? We’d recommend trying out our virtual consultation tool. This program will ask you a few questions, and your answers will let us get started on a custom treatment plan for your skin. The best part is that you can do it right from your computer. Give it a try now!

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