Exciting Treatments for Sun-Damaged Skin in the Champaign Area

A woman receives a microstamping treatment, one of several treatments for sun damaged skin in Champaign

The sun is vital to our everyday lives. The sun helps plants grow, it provides essential vitamins, and it even makes us happier. Unfortunately, too much exposure to the sun can damage our skin and make us look older through a method called “photoaging.”

So, considering we need the sun for our health and happiness, what can we do when our skin starts to show the effects of too much time spent basking in sunshine?

At Boho Chic Clinique, we offer lots of different treatments for sun-damaged skin in the Champaign area. We developed a curated list of treatment offers designed to reverse skin damage and help your skin look younger and healthier.

The Sun’s Skin Damage Methods

We need the sun, but how does it manage to harm our skin? Well, the answer lies in UV rays. The sun emits UV rays which reach our cells at the skin’s deepest level. Once it reaches this level—otherwise known as the dermis—it can interrupt important skin-growth processes. As a result, the skin loses its youthful properties.

UV rays may cause:

  • Thin skin
  • Dry skin
  • Spotted skin
  • Wrinkled skin

Chances are, if you’ve been out in the sun for any extended period of time, you may already be showing symptoms of sun damage. Luckily, our treatments are designed to lessen or eliminate the effects of sun damage.

A woman gets a chemical facial, one of many treatments for sun damaged skin in Champaign

Different Treatments for Sun-Damaged Skin

We offer lots of treatments for sun-damaged skin in the Champaign area. And while they’re all different, they can all provide substantial healing results.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are more than just a spa-day luxury. Our chemical peels are designed to exfoliate the skin at a deep level. While chemical peels are less aggressive than physical peels, they’re more soothing to the skin and can work on many different kinds of skin types. Chemical peels work by removing the topmost layer of dead skin, uncovering a layer of fresher, smoother, and healthier skin beneath.

NeoSkin Laser

NeoSkin is a laser treatment designed to address imperfections in the skin’s surface. NeoSkin is beneficial because it requires little to no downtime with minimal effects. The procedure stimulates collagen production. Collagen is a protein that helps facilitate healthy skin growth. As the skin creates more collagen, it can appear tighter and healthier.

Opus Plasma

Opus Plasma treatments use radiofrequency to resurface rough, uneven skin. The procedure only takes about an hour, and thanks to a numbing gel, many of our patients find it to be a completely comfortable procedure.

MicroGLOW Stamping

MicroGLOW is a hand-powered stamping device that is infused with small needles. These needles create microscopic channels in the skin that allow our provider to apply a soothing chemical solution at the deepest level. This infusion process is simple and painless thanks to a topical anesthetic we provide at the beginning of the procedure.

IPL Harmony

This treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat and potentially reverse sun damage. IPL is a powerful treatment, but we do our best to ensure that you won’t need any downtime following the procedure. IPL addressed sun spots, redness, and capillaries. It’s an in-depth process, but we hope you’ll find it to be a stress-free procedure.

Learn More About Our Treatments

We offer a variety of sun damage treatments because we know how difficult it can be to remain vigilant about skincare. Even with the lotions, ointments, face masks, and our tips for preventing sun damage, the sun is a powerful thing, and it can cause your skin to age faster than you’d think.

But with our variety of treatments for sun-damaged skin in the Champaign area, we can reintroduce you to younger, healthier skin.

Interested in more information about our treatments? We’d love to talk over your options. You can start right now thanks to our virtual consultation tool. Reach out, and we can get started on a custom treatment plan designed specifically for your skin.

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